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Mt. Wilson 100 Inch Telescope ADOPT System

The Mt. Wilson 100 inch telescope adaptive optics system, ADOPT, was developed by Dr. Christopher Shelton and saw first light in 1995. Riptide Realtime was the primary software developer and also designed and built various hardware interfaces. Riptide delivered the following:
  • The Adoptics real-time adaptive optics system control, graphical user interface and 8-DSP signal processing software.
  • Fiber optic receivers and data distribution logic for DM high voltage amplifier electronics
  • Power distribution for DM driver electronics, laser diodes, wavefront sensor electronics
  • Control software for opto-mechanical actuators
  • Ethernet connectivity software to other observatory instruments.
  • Technical support, system administration, software and hardware maintenance, upgrades and documentation.




Images of 52 Herculis (Triple star) acquired with the ADOPT system


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