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UnISIS Adaptive Optics System

The UnISIS project uses a laser guide star adaptive optics system with the Mt. Wilson 100 inch Hooker telescope. This system uses the Adoptics software and several custom interfaces designed and built by Riptide Realtime. Communication with these custom interfaces is integrated in Adoptics. The system underwent a transition from an OS/2 ISA bus version with 8 DSP processors to a faster real time Linux PCI bus version with new hardware interfaces. Software which once required 8 DSP processors for speed was re-written to run even faster under real time Linux, using only the host computer's 1GHz Intel Pentium processor. In the UnISIS system, the reconstructor loop in the real time Linux version of Adoptics runs at 333 Hz, reading a 26 x 26 element wavefront sensor and writing to a 177 element deformable mirror (DM).

Interfaces built by Riptide:
  • C40 DSPs to Xinetics DM driver electronics
  • Pentium PC to Xinetics DM driver electronics
  • Fiber optic UV camera (Astronomical Research Cameras) to de-multiplexed parallel data and real-time hardware capture

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